Hey there gamers,

I enjoy mostly playing music games and messing around in virtual reality chat rooms.

I play Beat Saber, OhShape, and I just got Pistol Whip. I can get into VR chatroom and RecRoom if you wish as well.

I play to have a good time and to escape reality. I can be competitive, silly, funny, and also use inappropriate language. If you can handle my sarcasm and roasts AND if you’re okay with making fun of me when I make mistakes/fail, we will definitely get along and have lots of laughs and fun together.

It will be $5 for the first 30 minutes. Consider it a β€œtrial period.” You can decide if we mesh well, get along, or have chemistry. It will be $20 per hour thereafter. At no additional cost, this session can include voicechat if you want. Feel free to negotiate pricing. πŸ™‚


Please order GameGurls Credits here ,order this gaming session, then send me a message to play with me!